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The Slow Season

It’s February and not much going on… This is the typical down time of the year on the sales side of things, but that does not mean you need to be slow as well!

Just because sales are not rolling in like they do around the holiday season, does not mean you can be complacent…. and well… sit on your butt! This is the time of year we should be doing everything we really wanted to do in Q3 and Q4 last year. Did you take notes and jot down all of your fantastic ideas? Get the notes out and let’s go!

This is the time of year where you can think about the upcoming seasons and even begin making updates to your website and online listings in preparation for this years holiday shopping season. Sound too early to be thinking that far a head? Think Twice!

As you may already know, a new listing can take a good while to soak into search indexing online. Whether it is with Etsy, your own website, amazon and more. The listings you put live now, will take up to 6 months to really start making movement on search results with the proper SEO and keyword descriptions. 6 months from now, puts us right back in holiday season prep! August is when we should be gearing up and making sure we have everything needed to fulfill orders that will be coming in in Q3 and Q4.

Always be thinking 6 months in advance or more. Use the Slow Season to your advantage and don’t let the lazy winter months get the best of you!

Cheers and Happy Creating!

The Trade House Crafts Team
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Are You Ready for Holiday Sales?

Did anyone read the paper or watch the TV this weekend? Did you notice all the Doorbusters ads? The holidays are here and it is time to flip from fall to follow the sales!

It is the biggest time of year for most of us and we are scrambling to make sure our marketing is in line, updating our websites and our social media with great holiday content and stocking up on materials!

Every year it feels like the holiday shopping season starts earlier and earlier. I noticed last Monday, October 31st, our local super market was taring down the Halloween displays and up went the Christmas items! The Halloween holiday was not even over and Christmas was already taking over!!

Pro Tips:
If you are not preparing for the holiday shopping season, make it a priority to do it this week! Clear at least one hour to make sure all of your Etsy listings have holiday coupons, make sure to update your marketing messages on your websites, start pinning your holiday favorite on Pinterest and get ready to have a great holiday season!

Happy Early Holidays Everyone!

The Trade House Crafts Team

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Website Design Is More Important Than You Think

As we gear up for the holiday season, also keep in mind, it is Website Season!!
Major retailers, medium and small business are undergoing website renovations most commonly this time of year in preparation for the holidays. A new look, fresh experience and better way to build customer relationship through digital marketing are all under way.
This article talks about the importance of design, the relationship between responsive design for mobile devices and more. It is an excellent insight into our world and how web development plays such a key roll in business growth!
Happy crafting and hears to a prosperous Q4! Chat soon!
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Facebooks New Look

Have you noticed your Facebook business page looks a bit different? Well… it is not only a new look you are seeing but also some changes in the background to how your posts will show up to customers.

This article gives the tell all about the changes from the Face of Facebook and how these new updates will please you …. or disappoint you.
The article also talk about how Facebook’s traffic and ads will be affected. If you are spending ad dollars here, you definitely want to read!!
Happy Crafting!!
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Posting To Social Media On The Holidays

Be sure to reach out to your fans and wish them a Happy 4th Weekend! There are many holidays throughout the year, but not all of them are for asking our fans to shop our listings, but simply to send well wishes in effort to keep in touch.
Your fans will appreciate that you are there just to remind them of the up coming holiday and that you are wishing them well.
Think about things you like to see from the companies you follow. You may get tired of seeing “SALE”, “BOGO”, “NEW”, well guess what? Your fans will get tired of that too! When the time is right, the big buying holidays will become much more productive when we hit our fans with the right information at the right time. But this weekend, get a great holiday picture off google, take your own pics to post, and write a great message your fans will enjoy seeing.
Have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend and send those well wishes to your fans!
The Trade House Crafts Team