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Are You Ready for Holiday Sales?

Did anyone read the paper or watch the TV this weekend? Did you notice all the Doorbusters ads? The holidays are here and it is time to flip from fall to follow the sales!

It is the biggest time of year for most of us and we are scrambling to make sure our marketing is in line, updating our websites and our social media with great holiday content and stocking up on materials!

Every year it feels like the holiday shopping season starts earlier and earlier. I noticed last Monday, October 31st, our local super market was taring down the Halloween displays and up went the Christmas items! The Halloween holiday was not even over and Christmas was already taking over!!

Pro Tips:
If you are not preparing for the holiday shopping season, make it a priority to do it this week! Clear at least one hour to make sure all of your Etsy listings have holiday coupons, make sure to update your marketing messages on your websites, start pinning your holiday favorite on Pinterest and get ready to have a great holiday season!

Happy Early Holidays Everyone!

The Trade House Crafts Team