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Posting To Social Media On The Holidays

Be sure to reach out to your fans and wish them a Happy 4th Weekend! There are many holidays throughout the year, but not all of them are for asking our fans to shop our listings, but simply to send well wishes in effort to keep in touch.
Your fans will appreciate that you are there just to remind them of the up coming holiday and that you are wishing them well.
Think about things you like to see from the companies you follow. You may get tired of seeing “SALE”, “BOGO”, “NEW”, well guess what? Your fans will get tired of that too! When the time is right, the big buying holidays will become much more productive when we hit our fans with the right information at the right time. But this weekend, get a great holiday picture off google, take your own pics to post, and write a great message your fans will enjoy seeing.
Have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend and send those well wishes to your fans!
The Trade House Crafts Team